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The philosophy of the company SonnenMoor summarizes the CEO Siegfried Fink following together:

In compliance with nature and gain with natural ingredients from medicinal herbs and Moor more well-being and quality of life.

This credo are all SonnenMoor products such as nutritional supplements, herbal teas, creams, herbal massage fluid, and produced Moor products for internal treatment and external treatment without any chemical additives, no stabilizers, no preservatives, no flavorings, no artificial coloring or flavor enhancers.

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The company SonnenMoor deals since 1972 with herbs and Moor. Living in harmony with nature and gain with natural ingredients of herbs and Moor more well-being and quality of life - this is the philosophy of the company and therefore found in our natural products for humans and animals chemical additives no place. In the SonnenMoor online Shop you can purchase natural products for humans and animals. The dietary supplement Shop offers a variety of herbal products. The liquid herbal extracts like Mawoson, Lumison, Lemison, Veroson, Bluhuson, Hertroson, Astroson and Niermison are liquid herbal extracts and are pasteurized by heat and preserved. Even the popular SonnenMoor Gargle is also an herbal extract. The herbs in our products we buy in pharmacopoeia quality, thus the highest quality is guaranteed. In addition to the liquid herbal extracts can be bought soothing herbal teas. Also you can buy in the store SonnenMoor Moor-products for interior applications. The Moor this is derived from the age-old and most valuable layer of Leopoldskroner Moores. As an alternative to traditional drinking Moor You can also buy the Moor-tablets. The Moor for external use also comes from the Leopoldskron Moor and in products such as mud packs to find mud bath for home and moor pillow. Not to forget our specialties Moor. Finely processed, it is made into delicacies like noodles-Moor, Moor-delicious-cantuccini, tasty Moor-Beer and lush Moor-bread. The Moor-products can be found in the animal owners great success. The beneficial effects of the Moor is supportive to the health of our four-legged friends. The natural peat is available for pets and pets or farm animals and breeding animals.

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