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Original powdered Moor for animals 1000 g

64,30 EUR
Contents: 1000g (kg = 64,30 EUR)
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Original powdered Moor for animals 1000 g

The positive effect of peat for production and breeding animals.

Animals instinctively recognised the healing power of peat long before man did. They would go into peat if they were injured or ill in order to heal their wounds, and they would eat it to activate their digestion. Man observed this and as a result, peat has successfully been used in agriculture for centuries in production and breeding animals. It helps to support animal health in a natural and gentle way.

This powdered peat conceals a combined force!

From the well-known and oft proven natural peat for animals, we have developed SonnenMoor powdered peat. Our powdered peat undergoes a special drying process to extract the water from the moist peat, it is then ground and then sieved off into different fractions. This special manufacturing process allows us to process the peat into various products with no waste. The unique nature of our peat powder is in the concentration of the ingredients from around 350 peat-related healing herbs and the high proportion of humic acids. All the active ingredients are retained, despite the drying and grinding process.

✓ Dried peat (Moor)
✓ Promotes digestion and the immune system
✓ Suitable for use in automatic feeding and feed blend systems
✓ Suitable for use in organic farms.

Dried peat - Supplementary feed for all animals


Peat naturally contains the following constituents: calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium 0.012%, zinc, copper, chromium, molybdenum. Organic loss on ignition of dry matter: 98.81%. Inorganic residue on ignition: 1.19%. Total humic acids: 21.3% in dry matter.

Analytical constituents
Water 5.58%, dry matter 94.42%, crude dietary fibre 23.7%, crude protein, 11.0%, crude fat 2.4%, crude ash 2.17%, N-free supplementary constituents 55.15%

Supplementary text intolerances

✓ Free from artificial colourings
✓ Free from artificial flavourings
✓ Exact dosing is possible
Suitable for use in organic farms
✓ Vegan
✓ Contains no preservatives
✓ Contains no alcohol
✓ Easy to use

Instructions for use

Mix powdered peat in accordance with feeding instructions with the standard feed. Also suitable for use in automatic feeding and feed blend systems. Product is not soluble in water.

The amount added depends size and type of animal.

  powered peat per 1000 kg feed daily amount   powered peat per 1000 kg feed daily amount
pig 300 g 0,5 g Young fattening cattle 760 g 7g
Fattening pig 390 g 0,8 g Dairy cow 600 g 10 g
Laying hen 230 g 0,03 g Horse 800 g 7,5 g
Fattening hen 430 g 0,03 g Dairy sheep 360 g 1,1 g
Fattening turkey (hen) 750 g 0,2 g Mother sheep 580 g 1,1 g
Fattening turkey (cock)  950 g 0,3 g Young sheep 880 g 1,1 g
Calf 5-6  months  570 g 2,5 g Dairy goat 300 g 1,1 g

Available with convenient buckets 500g and 1000g.

Important information

Store in a dry place out of the reach of children! Contains no preservatives.
Made using high-quality peat from Leopoldskroner marsh near Salzburg. Product approved under the Salzburg Curative Resource and Health Resort Law 1997. Reseal tightly after opening and store in a dry place.


Sonnenmoor Verwertungs- und Vertriebs GmbH

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